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Tinglar Sportswear was born in 2008, a product that was born from the passion for sports fashion, devising new designs for glamorous women that would help shape their bodies. We are sure that beauty and strength are born from within and are reflected on the outside, making us unstoppable to achieve everything we want. sportswear.


We believe in a world where you have complete freedom to be yourself without judgment, to explore and express yourself, to be brave and live life as the incredible adventure that it is. That's why we make sure that everyone has an equal chance to discover all of these amazing things that they're capable of, no matter who they are, where they're from, or what they'd like to express. We exist to provide confidence in who people want to be.






Fabrics with smart technology are fabrics that are made with key components that make our clothing a higher quality than what you might usually find on the market with traditional fabrics. To elaborate these textiles and fabrics we choose the best additives, making them not only beautiful, but functional and more durable. Our team is in constant research about different types of additives and materials that can guarantee that all of our garments meet the highest standards.

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Our main objective is to offer innovative products designed and manufactured with the best and most recent materials on the market, in which every detail makes a difference, which is why each manufacturing process is carried out by a group of professionals willing to continuously improve so that Our brand will always be your first choice.


Our seams and backstitching are imperceptible thanks to the creativity of our experts. This technique is especially favorable because it gives each piece security and resistance.

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